Partial Title Interest

The Berlin Land Trust partners with the Town of Berlin and others in the ownership of properties that conserve open space for the benefit of the community. Preserving open space conserves the natural beauty of Berlin and adjacent towns while protecting both critical habitat and much needed watershed.

Descriptions and access information are provided below in order by date acquired.

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Originally referred to as the Scheer-Sierra Ranch Open Space Area, The Berlin Land Trust worked in partnership with the Town of Berlin to acquire both the Scheer property (50 acres) and the Sierra Ranch property (44 acres) and holds a 16.7% title interest in the Sierra Ranch property.

Size: 44 acres (1/6th interest)

Acquired: December 2005

Location: Orchard Road, Kensington

Access: Parking area off Orchard Road near the farm gate west of Hatchery Brook.

One-half interest donated by Valerie J. Moore with the Town of Berlin owning the other half.

Size: 4.3 acres (50% interest)

Acquired: September 2010

Location: Off Randeckers Lane

Access: This property is forever wild with no direct access

Donated by the Estate of Helen. Hurley

Size: ± 2 acres (50% Interest)

Acquired: February 2011

Location: Edgewood Road

Access: This property is forever wild with no direct access