Lamentation Wildflowers

Two of our members cataloged the beautiful variety of wildflowers on Lamentation Mountain this past summer (2022). Most of the native wildflowers pictured below were photographed by Heidi Brierley. The last one was photographed by Sigrun Gadwa.

Actaea rubra

red baneberry

Antennaria plantaginifolia plantain

leaved pussytoes

Lysimachia quadrifolia whorled yellow-loosestrife

Micranthes virginiensis

early small-flowered saxifrage

Mitella diphylla

two-leaf mitrewort or bishop's-cap

Penstemon digitalis

foxglove beardtongue

Rubus odoratus

flowering raspberry

Sambucus racemosa

red elderberry

Asclepias quadrifolia

four-leaved milkweed

Capnoides sempervirens

pink corydalis

Hypoxis hirsuta

common star-grass

Melampyrum lineare

cow wheat

Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides rue-anemone

Triodanis perfoliata

clasping-leaved Venus'-looking-glass

Comandra umbellata

bastard toadflax

See these beautiful flowers for yourself next summer. Make plans to hike on Lamentation Mountain in Berlin, CT. Enjoy the natural flora of the area and take in the views along atop this central Connecticut trap rock ridge.