Opposition Letter Suggestions

Suggested letter to State Representatives, State Senators, and the Governor:

(Please try to put the following ideas in your own words)

Dear Senator or Representative,

Please do not vote your support for HB 5520. This act concerns the conveyance of state land in the town of Berlin and seeks to transfer 2.7 acres of the Lamentation Mountain State Park Scenic Reserve to a private entity that has illegally encroached and trespassed on this land. This transfer would set a dangerous precedent regarding how the state handles encroachments and threatens conservation efforts statewide.  Also, conveyance of this land will block access to this beautiful state park from the Berlin Turnpike.  Please vote no for HB5520. 

The letter below may help you construct your own communication opposing the sale of land Lamentation Mountain State Park land. Please change the suggested wording shown below and, if possible, put things into your own words. Legislators become suspect when all of the mail they receive on an issue looks the same. 

I am  writing to let you know that I am opposed to HB 5520 - AN ACT CONCERNING THE CONVEYANCE OF A PARCEL OF STATE LAND IN THE TOWN OF BERLIN.


This proposal would convey approximately 2.7 acres of a 47.77-acre parcel of the Lamentation Mountain State Park Scenic Reserve from DEEP to Meriden Homestead II LLC, a private entity, for continued existing use, which includes access driveways and accessory structures.


Meriden Homestead II LLC encroached on this treasured state land and developed it illegally. Now, they want the state to sell them the land. In their testimony to the General Assembly, the company suggested that the fair market value of the property was low – just a few tens of thousands of dollars. This is deeply unfair.


Lamentation Mountain State Park Scenic Reserve is loved by the local and statewide community for its hiking trails, forested landscape and passive recreation opportunities. I cannot stand for it to be mistreated and sold to a private developer who illegally encroached upon the property. There should instead be a discussion about how the public should be compensated for the damage done, and the land should remain in public ownership.


Finally, this bill represents and existential threat to conservation in Connecticut. It should be stopped at all costs. If it becomes law, it will set a dangerous precedent - any private party could encroach on state land and then have the ownership transferred to them. This is simply unacceptable. Our forests and parks have an inherent public value, and they should not be sacrificed.


Thanks so much for considering my comments. I respect the role you have as my representative, but really hope that you make the right decision on this important bill.