Currently, the BLT holds title to over 225 acres of land and has easements over approximately 60 acres of property in Berlin and adjacent towns. Since our first acquisition in 1992, the open space protected by the Berlin Land Trust has steadily grown in number. Lands under Berlin Land Trust's management include property, conservation easements, and title interest in Berlin open Space. 

Descriptions and access information are also provided below (in order by date acquired, between Jan. 2014 - 1992). 

Property in Trust & Access Information through January 2014 (for a list including newer properties, see property list above) 

Depot Crossing (January 2014) - Berlin
1.3 acres

Karl & Joyce Manke-Reinhold and Margaret Hintz Preserve (December 2013) - Cromwell
13.8 acres

Lamentation Mountain Preserve (December 2013) - Middletown
~9 acres

Melanie Backes Preserve (September 2013) - Berlin
> 6 acres 

Maloney Bird Sanctuary (August 2013) - Berlin
1.9 acres 

Paul Preserve (October 2012) - Berlin
5.6 acres

Walsh Preserve (December 2011) - Berlin
2.6 acres

Wicklund Preserve (September 2011) - Berlin
36.2 acres

Nancy Rossberg "Conservation Subdivision Plan"(August 2010) - Cromwell
2.6 Acres

Mountain View Preserve Acres (September 2009 ) Cromwell 
11.1 Acres 

Berlin Turnpike Lot 15A (July 2009) - Berlin
3.9 acres

Stonebridge Preserve (December 2008) - Rocky Hill
10.3 Acres. Wooded property adjacent to Town of Berlin.  Property is off Beckley Mills Road.  Donated by Stonebridge Berlin Associates, LP

Lavery Lane Sanctuary (September 2006) - Berlin.
Wooded open space parcel of residential subdivision (.74 acre). Wildlife sanctuary and residential buffer. 

Kummer Farm (September 2003) - New Britain
Fifteen (15) wooded acres on Reservoir Road in New Britain, adjacent to New Britain Watershed. Donated by Felix Kummer, it has been in the Kummer family for several generations and is in pristine condition. 

Shekosky Farm Site (June 2003) - Cromwell
About 1 acre of woods and wetland on Berlin Road in Cromwell. It was formerly pastureland for the Shekosky farm. 

Shepard Preserve (December 2002) - Middletown
Twelve (12) acres of forested land on the eastern slope of Lamentation Mountain in Middletown. Donated by Jane Shepard of Pennsylvania, in memory of her husband William Shepard, a former resident of the area. Access: Lamentation Drive. Park at Stantack Road gate and walk the gravel road about 3/4 mile south (Note: Preserve signs are pending fall 2004 survey.) Property extends west to ridge top. 

Ragged Mountain Parcel (December 2002) - Berlin
About .75 acre of forested land near the top of Ragged Mountain in Berlin. Donated by Earl H. Wicklund. 

Shepard-Cancellarini Preserve (September 1998) - Middletown
Twelve and one half (12.5) acres on the eastern slope of Lamentation Mountain. Acquired by means of a bargain sale from the William Shepard Family using funds from the Paul & Mary Cancellarini Charitable Trust. Access: Lamentation Drive. Park at Stantack Road gate and walk the gravel road about 1/2 mile south to preserve sign. Property extends west to ridge top. 

Emily D. Chotkowski and Francis C. Kowalczyk Parks (September 1997) - Kensington
Three (3) acres donated by Dr. Ludmil Chotkowski along Orchard Road, including a section of Crooked Brook. Dedicated to the memory of his wife, Emily D. Chotkowski, and to a friend who served in WWII, Corporal Francis C. Kowalczyk. Access: south side of Orchard Road just east of the intersection with Kensington Road. 

Hayes Preserve (August 1997) - Berlin
Two (2) acres east of the Berlin Turnpike along Worthington Ridge. Donated by Hermance R. and Marquerite C. Hayes. Access: East of the Berlin Turnpike, along the east side of Worthington Ridge. 

Long Acres Preserve (June 1995) - Berlin and Middletown
Over forty (40) acres on Lamentation Mountain consisting of woodland up to the ridge line in Berlin and Middletown. Donated by A. Fern Bruce and dedicated to the memory of Alexander and Lydia I. Bruce & family. Access: Park at end of Overhill Road near preserve's monument (east of the Berlin Turnpike, north of the Hawthorne Inn). Access:Park at end of Overhill Road near preserve's monument (east of the Berlin Turnpike, north of the Best Western hotel). 

Worthington Point (March 1992) - Berlin
Less than 1 acre parcel on Silver Lake along Worthington Point Road. Donated by the Town of Berlin. Access: Observe boundary marker on Worthington Point Rd.

Title Interest In Berlin Open Space (for a list including newer properties, see property list above) 

Hatchery Brook Conservation Area, originally referred to as Scheer-Sierra Ranch Open Space (December 2005) - Berlin 
The BLT Worked in partnership with the Town of Berlin to acquire the Scheer (50 acres) and Sierra Ranch (44 acres) parcels and has 16.7% title interest in the Sierra Ranch property. Access: Parking area off Orchard Road near the farm gate west of Hatchery Brook.   

Moore Preserve (September 2010) - Berlin 
3 acres (50% interest)

Conservation Easements (for a list including newer properties, see property list above) 

Sherry Cup Conservation & Walkway easement (September 2010) - Berlin
.95 acre

Lavery Lane & Conlin Way easement (September 2006) - Berlin
<1 acre

Ragged Mountain easement (July 1999) - Southington
Fifty-five (55) acres in Southington, including the Ragged Mountain cliffs and abutting the Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve, owned by the Ragged Mountain Foundation. The property was originally donated to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) by Stanley Hart in 1989. In 1998, TNC donated the conservation easement, which was placed on the Ragged Mountain Preserve, to the Berlin Land Trust. Concurrent with the easement agreement, TNC transferred the ownership of the property to the 
Ragged Mountain Foundation.

Spruce Brook easement (June 1999) - Berlin
A wooded 2-acre greenway buffer, north of Spruce Brook Road between the east bank of Spruce Brook and the Pistol Creek Golf Club. The easement protects the area along Spruce Brook that borders the Pistol Creek Golf Course. It was donated to the BLT by the golf course's development company.